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DAKOTACARE Flex allows members to pay for medical coverage, unreimbursed expenses—such as deductibles, co-insurance, dental care, vision care and some dependant care—with pre-tax dollars.

This type of program is often called a cafeteria plan and has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service. Utilizing DAKOTACARE Flex helps employees save by reducing taxable income and increasing take-home pay. DAKOTACARE Flex is a separate benefit plan under which all employees have the opportunity to select one of the following options.

Premium Conversion

This plan simply pays the employee's health care premiums with before-tax dollars. It may include any health, life, disability or other group sponsored policy through your company.

Flexible Spending Account

With this plan, an employee can use before-tax dollars to pay for many unreimbursed medical expenses such as deductibles, co-insurance, dental care, vision care and more. In essence, it can be used to pay for any qualifying medical expenses incurred by an employee that is not covered under his or her group policy. It can also be used to pay for dependent care for your children or any other immediate family member who is in need of care.

Flex Plan Resources

For more information on any DAKOTACARE product or service, contact the DAKOTACARE Sales and Marketing Department at (605) 334-4000 or (800) 325-5598, or your local DAKOTACARE agent.

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