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DAKOTACAREONE Individual Health Insurance

The Right One for You

DAKOTACAREONE is a different kind of individual plan. It’s designed to provide high quality health coverage with flexible options. With DAKOTACAREONE you get…

  • …a great Prescription Drug Benefit with no deductible and no additional premium
  • …no one-size-fits-all coverage. You pay for only the benefits you need
  • …access to the extensive DAKOTACARE provider network which includes over 98% of the physicians and pharmacies and 100% of the hospitals in South Dakota
  • …flexible deductible options. Choose between a monthly or annual deductible.
  • …hassle free claims processing
  • …access to disease management and wellness programs to help you live a healthier life
  • …South Dakota’s Own standing behind its name. DAKOTACAREONE is individual coverage from DAKOTACARE, a South Dakota company created by South Dakota Physicians

Which Plan is Right for You?

DAKOTACAREONE has many unique plans you can choose from. Each one allows you to choose the benefits that you need to fit your life. DAKOTACAREONE is so flexible you can even purchase an individual plan for each member of your family. Dad can have the basics, mom’s plan can include additional coverage and the kids can enroll in a plan where going to the doctor doesn’t bust the budget.

The DAKOTACAREONE Red Plans are ideal for the single person. You’re generally healthy, rarely need to go to the doctor for treatment, and you don’t expect any hospitalizations.

The DAKOTACAREONE Blue Plan is ideal for someone who is generally healthy but tends to go to the doctor’s office for common injuries and illnesses.

The DAKOTACAREONE Green Plan is the most comprehensive of all the plans. This is an ideal plan for a policy holder or spouse to ensure maximum coverage for both planned and unplanned procedures.

The DAKOTACAREONE Black Plan is a high deductible health plan that allows you to contribute money to a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for qualified health expenses and save for future expenses on a tax-free basis. In order to participate in an HSA, you must be part of a high deductible plan like the DAKOTACAREONE Black plan.

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Individual Health Coverage as Individual as You

For over 27 years, DAKOTACARE has been a leader in providing high quality, easy to use health care coverage for South Dakotans. DAKOTACAREONE follows in that same great tradition.

Full Prescription Drug Benefit – DAKOTACAREONE plan options, excluding government approved HSA Plans (i.e. Black Plan), have a prescription drug benefit with ZERO deductibles and copay(s) for brand-name formulary medications. With 98% of South Dakota pharmacies and more than 65,000 pharmacies participating nationwide, getting your medication is easier than ever.

Flexible Plan Options – You choose the plan level with the coverage you need. All options give you access to the most extensive provider network in the state with every hospital and 98% of physicians and pharmacies participating in our plan.

Office Copay Options – DAKOTACAREONE plan options allow you to choose which copayment option best fits your coverage needs. Choose a universal copay (one fee covers your office visit, same day lab work, etc.) or a copay that just covers your office visit. DAKOTACAREONE also has deductible plan options without office visit copayments.

Maternity Benefit – The DAKOTACAREONE maternity benefit provides pre-natal care, delivery, post-partum follow-up and routine newborn care.

DAKOTACARE Population Health – DAKOTACAREONE members are provided the same great disease management and proactive health programs that our group plans access. Learn to effectively control conditions, live healthier, and ultimately work to keep your medical costs down.

DAKOTACARE Access – DAKOTACARE Access is available to all DAKOTACAREONE members. This secure online program allows you to view claim status, and update and manage your health plan information 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any Internet connection.

Optional DAKOTACAREONE Coverage

Value Plus – As a DAKOTACAREONE member (for an additional fee), you are eligible for DAKOTACARE’s Value Plus program, which offers members discounted rates on a variety of services. Members may visit any network provider and receive discounted rates on services and supplies for themselves, their spouses and children. There are no limitations on how much a member may use the Value Plus discounts.

Supplemental Accident –You can never predict if or when you might be seriously hurt in an accident. DAKOTACAREONE Supplemental Accident insurance provides members with additional coverage for accidents.

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