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Dental Insurance

Almost everyone experiences dental problems at some time in their life. Yet only half will see a dentist for regular visits, visits that could help prevent dental problems from occurring in the first place. The reason they do not visit a dentist is that they do not have dental insurance. So they wait until a problem becomes so severe they are forced to go, which often results in time lost from work for treatments that could have been either prevented or minimalized.

When American employees are surveyed about benefits that are most desired, health care is number one on the list, and dental insurance is number two. DAKOTACARE offers dental insurance that allows you to choose from multiple plan designs and options, which allows you to find a plan that fits your place of business and your employees. Plan options include:

  • Voluntary Dental that can be written for as few as 3 employees 
  • Small Group Dental (groups of 2-9) that can be written for as few as 2 employees. Employer participation in premium payment is required. 
  • True Group Dental for groups of 10 or more. Plans that can be custom designed to fit your employer/employee needs. Employer participation in premium payment is required and 50% is the minimum enrollment.

All of DAKOTACARE’s dental plans are available as convenient payroll deductuction. Employees are not limited by dental networks; they may select any dentist of their choosing.

For more information on this of any other DAKOTACARE product, contact the DAKOTACARE Sales and Marketing office at (605) 334-4000 or (800) 325-5598, or your local DAKOTACARE agent.

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