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Where Does Your Health Insurance Premium Dollar Go?

Many consumers have questions about their health insurance premiums, and this is especially true as health care costs have continued to rise.

DAKOTACARE has put together the following presentation to help explain:

  • What goes into the health care premiums that you and your employer pay?
  • What drives up health care costs and, as a result, your premiums?
  • What do health insurance plans do to help control costs?

Feel free to download your copy (PDF file format) for a comprehensive presentation that includes a variety of information on how health insurance companies, like DAKOTACARE, use the dollars you pay for premiums; how rising health care costs and utilization effect your premiums; and how DAKOTACARE strives to control medical costs through activities that improve quality, while lowering costs.

Where Does Your Premium Dollar Go? - WhereDoesHCGoGraphic.pdf Where Does Your Premium Dollar Go?
pdf (10259k)
 - DKC_-_Where_Does_Your_Premium_Dollar_Go.pdf Where Does Your Premium Dollar Go Presentation
pdf (7426k)

With millions of Americans without coverage, millions more who are struggling to maintain the coverage they have, and employers facing difficult choices over whether to reduce benefits or pass on higher costs to their employees, controlling the cost of health care coverage is one of the most important challenges we face in this country today.

Ultimately, the power to control health care spending lies with each of us as consumers. As employers shift more of the cost of premiums and out-of-pocket amounts to employees, individuals are becoming more aware of the true costs of health care. Individual education, therefore, is the key to making wise health care choices which will result in the greatest measure of control over the growth of health care expenditures now and in the future.

DAKOTACARE is committed to improving the health of its members by educating you about the choices that are necessary, and giving you the tools to help you make those decisions. We hope you have found this information both educational and insightful.

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