Looking Out for South Dakotans is What We Do

DAKOTACARE is more than a South Dakota health insurance company. We’re South Dakotans. Looking out for the health and wellness of our neighbors. We offer health insurance plans that are both affordable and flexible. We are the most comprehensive managed care network ever assembled in South Dakota, with plans that include customizable premiums, deductibles and copayments. DAKOTACARE is meeting the coverage needs of South Dakotans with a complete range of choices for comprehensive group plans and affordable individual and family policies, as well as dental, disability and life insurance options.

Our History

In 1986, the physicians of South Dakota came together to do what many said couldn’t be done – create a revolutionary health care coverage system that would keep patient care decisions in the hands of the physicians. DAKOTACARE was a health plan like no other at the time. Medical services were provided at affordable rates, claim processes were streamlined and high levels of provider participation ensured that members had the ultimate freedom of choice. Just like we did nearly three decades ago, we are still looking out for South Dakotans by providing efficient care, a broad network and exceptional service.  That’s what it means to be South Dakota’s Own.