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Due to federal and state regulations protecting the privacy of health information, we can not grant online access to the claims of a spouse or any adult dependents unless permission has been granted from the individual.


You can obtain access in one of the following ways:

Have the individual send an authorization form via mail or fax.

Have your spouse and/or adult dependent complete the Authorization Form below, sign it and mail it or fax it to us. Once you've allowed time for us to receive and process it, submit a request from within the site at Online Customer Service to gain access.

Have the individual submit an authorization form online*

Have your spouse and/or adult dependent sign up for a user account of his/her own and grant you the access by submitting an authorization form from within the site at Online Customer Service.

*Note: When submitting authorization forms online, the individual wishing to grant access to his/her Protected Health Information must complete the form and must be logged into the site using his/her own username/password. We will verify the validity of each form submitted.


Appeal Rights

Important Information About Your Appeal Rights