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DAKOTACARE knows that employee health insurance programs can be difficult and overwhelming. But don’t worry. We’re experts...so you don’t have to be.


Administration through DAKOTACARE COBRA Services saves your organization time, money, in-house training and potentially costly errors. "COBRA," the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, and state continuation laws give employees and eligible dependents the right to continue group health care coverage for a period of time following certain events that would otherwise result in loss of coverage. Compliance with COBRA and state laws is a challenging task, and errors or omissions may result in fines, tax penalties and lawsuits.

DAKOTACARE assists employers with complete administration and management services for benefits mandated under COBRA and state continuation laws, including:

  • Supply election notices and track the initial election period
  • Issue payment coupons
  • Receive and track payments, if applicable
  • Communicate with qualified beneficiaries regarding incomplete remittances, erroneous receipts, etc.
  • Provide standard monthly reports
  • Issue conversion option letters, if applicable
  • Send annual rate notice changes
  • Send "late payment reminder" letters (payment reminders) during the premium grace period
  • Answer employer and qualified beneficiary questions related to COBRA and state continuation laws

eviti® Cancer Treatment Decision Support

eviti® is transforming the cancer treatment decision process with its innovative oncology platform.

Developed through a unique collaboration of leading oncologists, actuaries, insurance professionals and software engineers, eviti is pioneering the way to bring positive solutions to the cancer crisis by...

  • Empowering physicians with advanced oncology decision support 
  • Providing payers with real-time automated precertification, aligning quality care with the appropriate reimbursement. 

Learn More about eviti


DAKOTACARE Flex  is an designed to help save employees money by paying for group health care premiums, unreimbursed medical expenses and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Cafeteria plans are IRS allowable benefit plans. Utilizing DAKOTACARE Flex helps employees save by reducing taxable income and increasing take-home pay. DAKOTACARE Flex is a separate benefit plan under which eligible employees have the opportunity to select one of the following options.

Premium Conversion

  • This option pays the employee's health care premiums—any health, dental, vision or other group sponsored policy through your company—with pre-tax dollars.


Flexible Spending Accounts

  • Medical Spending Account - Employees can use pre-tax dollars for unreimbursed medical expenses, such as deductibles, co-insurance, dental care, vision care, etc.
  • Dependent Day Care Account – Employees can use pre-tax dollars for dependent day care expenses while at work.


Visit our Flex website for more information or to access your Flex account. 

Value Plus Discount Program

DAKOTACARE Value Plus provides additional discounts on services to HMO plan members. These include:

  • Quality eye care with Vision Service Plan (VSP) or EyeMed Vision Care 
  • Weight loss management activities and information from Weight Watchers®
  • Travel assistance and emergency evacuation services through Travel Guard. 

 For more information regarding the DAKOTACARE Value Plus discount program or to find a participating provider, visit www.dakotacarevalueplus.com.