The DAKOTACARE Freedom eMarket


Group Coverage That’s Totally Individual

DAKOTACARE has built its reputation on providing quality coverage and innovative solutions. We’re a South Dakota company. And because we’re your neighbors, we work even harder to find cost saving solutions for you. It’s what we do.

The DAKOTACARE Freedom eMarket is one of our most innovate group health insurance solutions—ideal for employers of any size that want to take control of their health insurance costs.

How It Works

Employers set aside a specific amount of money for every employee’s health insurance. Employees can then use the eMarket to design their health insurance—selecting only the benefits they need for themselves or their family. Employees can also choose pre-designed plans to ensure employees have ample coverage in place.

Why Should You Choose the eMarket

With traditional health plan offerings, small employers pick from one or maybe two plans for their employees. Upon renewal employers are confronted with the decision to modify the plan or stretch their budget to absorb the increased cost of health insurance. The DAKOTACARE Freedom eMarket allows employers to set a fixed amount and avoid constant changes...and surprises... in health benefit costs.

Employers have more Control. Employees have more options.

It’s all the freedom of individual insurance with the cost savings and security of a group plan. Plus, all eMarket options come with the same great customer service, wellness options and support as all of our plans have.

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