Supplemental Health Insurance Options

Supplemental health insurance is just that. It supplements the group coverage you provide. The great thing about these polices is enrollment is completely voluntary, meaning there is no cost to the employer. The plans are completely portable with no COBRA involvement and are available to spouses and family members. Premiums are paid through convenient payroll deduction, which offers bottom line savings to both employers and employees. 

DAKOTACARE offers these voluntary supplemental insurance products through Allstate Workplace Division.

Accident Insurance

Supplemental Accident insurance pays a lump sum benefit, and some medical benefits, for accidental injuries. Accident Insurance benefits are paid directly to the policyholder, helping fill the gap between the deductible and co-insurance levels of group medical plan. An Accidental Disability Benefit, which pays short-term disability for six months, is also included in this policy. Additional riders can be added to cover disabilities due to illness.

Cancer Insurance

Supplemental Cancer Insurance covers 20 specified diseases and is available for individuals and families. The benefits are paid directly to the policy holder and provides a pool of funds to help pay for Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, as well as Blood Plasma and Platelet Transfusions. Participants can also add an Intensive Care rider to the Cancer policy, which provides $600 per day for up to 45 days for any required confinement in an intensive care unit; this is paid regardless of the cause for the confinement, and is not restricted to only cancer.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance pays a lump sum benefit upon the diagnosis of a covered serious illness, like Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Major Organ Transplant and Multiple Sclerosis. The supplemental policy pays $5,000 to $50,000 directly to the beneficiary and is available to individuals, single parent families or traditional families. The premium is based on age at the time of issue, tobacco usage and the basic benefit amount that is selected.

Short Term Disability Insurance

Group Voluntary Short Term Disability Insurance is available for periods of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. The plan provides benefits for up to 60% of salary or $3,000 per month, whichever is higher. The application process is easy, and no evidence of insurability is necessary. This coverage is available only to employees.

Supplemental Health Options Plan

Supplemental Health Options Policy (SHOP) helps to cover some of the costs associated with hospital care. The coverage is customizable and can include benefits for Daily Hospital Confinement, Intensive Care Confinement, Initial Hospitalization Benefit, Surgery/Anesthesia Benefit and more. The easy to apply for coverage is available to an individual or an entire family. The benefits are paid directly and the premium is based on the age at issue and the coverage is guaranteed renewable to age 65.

Term Life Insurance

Horizon Term is a twenty-year renewable and convertible term life policy with level death benefits. Horizon Term guarantees renewal for twenty years and may be converted to Allstate Workplace Division’s Universal Life policy without evidence of insurability. Horizon Term is available from a minimum amount of $10,000 to a maximum amount of $100,000. Coverage is available for the entire family. Riders for Accidental Death Benefit, Premium Waiver, Living Benefit Rider, and others can be easily added.

Universal Life Insurance

Allstate’s Universal Life Insurance offers an easy application process for policies up to $150,000. The affordable premiums are conveniently deducted from the employees’ paycheck. The plan is portable, meaning the coverage stays in place (as long as the premium is paid) when there is a change employment or retirement. Coverage is available for the entire family. Allstate’s Universal Life Insurance provides tax deferred fund value accumulation, competitive current interest rates and a guaranteed minimum interest rate. Riders are available to enhance coverage including a Living Benefit, Accidental Death Benefit, Premium Waiver, Future Purchase Options and more.