DAKOTACARE Select, Choice, Ultra, Reserve (HSA) and Essential Plans have...

Broad Provider Choice.

DAKOTACARE’s broad provider network includes more than 85% of the hospitals and clinics, more than 83% of the physicians and 99% of pharmacies in South Dakota.

Streamlined Claims Processing.

We’ve streamlined the process to make it easier for members to focus on living their lives instead of filling out claims paperwork.

Wellness and Disease Management Tools.

DAKOTACARE remains rooted in the belief that a health plan should work to improve the lives of the people it serves. DAKOTACARE's Population Health Programs are proactive plans that address problems before they become serious and expensive to treat.

An Extended National Network.

You can’t predict when you might need medical treatment. That’s why DAKOTACARE has worked to create an extended national network of providers and hospitals for members who travel or who have dependents attending college or living outside of South Dakota. Click here for more information regarding the DAKOTACARE national network.

Innovative Support Programs.

DAKOTACARE has teamed up with eviti®, which specializes in advanced oncology decision support. This gives DAKOTACARE an innovative, collaborative approach of evidence-based treatment for each patient. Click here for more information about eviti®.

Unique Monthly Deductible Option.

DAKOTACARE's monthly deductible, offered with the Select and Choice Plans, provides employers with an affordable alternative to filling individual members’ needs with a group plan.

Added Benefits.

Employers can boost benefit packages with DAKOTACARE’s value-added and supplemental options like dental insurance, disability insurance, life insurance and our Value Plus provider discounts.

Solutions for Employers of Any Size.

The DAKOTACARE Freedom eMarket allows employers to set aside a fixed amount for each employee. The employee can then use the eMarket platform to select the coverage which best suits their individual or families benefit needs. It’s individual coverage with the protection of a group plan.

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