Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

Affordable Health Insurance For Everyone—It’s What We Do

DAKOTACARE's individual health insurance plans are built around keeping you and your family healthy. We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. We look for ways to keep the cost of health insurance down by providing you with wellness tools and disease management, so you can prevent illness before it becomes costly to treat.

DAKOTACARE plans don’t restrict your provider choice like other health insurance plans do.  We want you to be able to stay with your doctor. Choose your hospital. Pick your pharmacy. You’ll find 100% of South Dakota’s hospitals and clinics and 98% of its physicians and pharmacies proudly accept DAKOTACARE coverage.

Our plan is to help you live a healthier life so you don’t actually need medical services. But when you do...DAKOTACARE gives you the best individual insurance at the best price possible.

Individual Health Insurance Benefits:


  • A full prescription drug benefit with low copays and no additional deductible
  • Competitive rates and no-hassle claims
  • Access to proven preventative care and disease management programs
  • DAKOTACARE's Value Plus Discount Program (optional/additional fee) allows members to visit any network provider and receive discounted rates on services and supplies for themselves, their spouses and children

  • 100% of the hospitals and over 98% of physicians and pharmacies in our network plan giving member the ultimate freedom of choice
  • Access to a National Travel Network to cover urgent or emergent care outside of South Dakota when you travel for work or pleasure
  • Supplemental coverage options for accidents (optional)
  • Dental Insurance (optional). DAKOTACARE offers dental insurance that allows you to choose from multiple plan designs and options