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DAKOTACARE Administrative Services

DAKOTACARE Administrative Services

With insurance costs skyrocketing, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone on your side helping you manage your costs while providing your employees with a comprehensive health care plan? If so, a self-funded insurance plan may be right for you.

DAS (DAKOTACARE Administrative Services) was founded by providers who understand the complexities of health care coverage. Think of DAS as your health insurance assistant, that good friend who guides you through the ins and outs of your self-funded insurance coverage.

As a leader in third-party administration, DAS has developed proven wellness, preventive, and medication management programs that help control claim costs. With real-time reporting, dedicated account management, customer care and medical management, we help to keep employer health care costs under control.

The Self-Funded Health Plan Model

With a self-funded insurance plan, you have a capped total cost for health care that includes fixed administration and claims cost. That claims cost is by far the largest cost for employers, we have the expertise and technology to provide great health care at the lowest costs.

You set aside the small administration costs every month and only pay the claims incurred by your group. Designed to keep these costs in check, DAS will provide accurate claims review, proactive medical management for your group and real-time reporting to keep you informed.

The Benefits of Self-Funded Plans

  • More freedom to control your plan design
  • Large network of providers
  • Not subject to as many regulations
  • Potential for saving money with this “pay as you go” approach to health care
  • Don’t pay as many fees and taxes

Why Choose DAS?

DAS has more than 30 years of experience managing client companies’ health care costs through real-time data reporting. Our coverage spans across 50 states and a variety of industries. Plus, we’re backed by Avera Health and supported by a national network of health care systems.

Let’s just say, health care is in our DNA.

  • Network of 500,000+ national providers
  • 98.91% overall claims accuracy
  • 99.62% claims processed in 30 days.

With our real-time data tool and day-to-day account management, we will assist you so you can react quickly to employee health needs and claims trends.

Our propietary business intelligence tool, HealthTRAQ, allows you to quickly react to trends to find more opportunities to save.

DAS provides this support with a dedicated team of experts:

  • Designated Client Relationship Executive
  • Robust claims team, with personnel specifically focused on self-funded products
  • Risk Management support, including stop-loss claims administration
  • Expansive customer care, configurations and enrollment teams
  • IT support focused on health insurance, with knowledge of customization involved with self-funded plans

Stop-Loss Insurance

DAS has championed a preferred status with stop-loss insurance carriers, so you get the best reinsurance rates and coverage possible.

This service protects you against catastrophic claims. The responsibility for payment moves to the stop-loss insurer once a claim exceeds a certain dollar amount. This shifts your health costs and caps the total expense for your company.

Learn More About DAS

Are you ready for the DAS difference? Now’s the time to talk to an agent about how DAS can benefit your company.

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Learn More About DAS

Are you ready for the DAS difference? Now’s the time to talk to an agent about how DAS can benefit your company.

Request a Free Demo

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