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For Members

Welcome to your DAKOTACARE health plan. Your health—and your health insurance—matters to us. We’re here to help you take good care of yourself and your family.

Member Benefits

Just a few of the benefits you receive from your DAKOTACARE health plan membership include easy ways to:

If you or a family member lives with one or more long-term health conditions, your DAKOTACARE health plan may be able to help you manage your condition. Ask your employer about coverage for Personal Health Services programs that include:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Pre-diabetes, diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Asthma and more

If offered by your plan, you may receive individual personal health services such as health coaching, education tailored to your condition, medication review and other services. For more information, contact us.

Why Log In to the Online Member Portal?

As a member of a DAKOTACARE health plan, you can securely view your:

  • Plan benefits to see what services are covered
  • Deductible and accumulated coinsurance balance
  • Claim status and explanation of benefits (EOB)
  • Request for replacement identification cards
  • Notification preference of new claims – email or mail

First Time User? Register for DAKOTACARE Access Now

Getting your personalized member access is easy when you have your DAKOTACARE health insurance ID card

  1. Log in and choose “Member Registration”
  2. Create a username and password

Update Your Health Coverage Information

Need to update information related to your health plan? You can download, fill out and submit forms found below.

  • Add, Change or Terminate – Make an addition or change, or terminate a policy
  • Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information – Grant others access to information about your policy. This is required for dependents over the age of 18, important to have the spouse and adult dependents permission before granting access to their health care.
  • Billing Change – For our individual policy members, change the bank account where we deduct your premium

Extensive Provider Network

As a DAKOTACARE member, you have access to our wide network of providers, and a variety of hospitals and facilities and medical specialties throughout the state and region. Visit the online provider directory to find in-network providers near you.

Health Care Coverage While You Travel

DAKOTACARE members who travel outside of South Dakota or have dependents living or going to school in another state can still find a covered physician, hospital or facility through our national network.

To identify which national network is part of your plan, select the logo that matches your DAKOTACARE member ID card.

PHCS MultiPlan First Health Network

Additional Services Available

Check out the following resources or log in to the member portal to learn more about the benefits included with your specific plan.

Depending on your specific health plan, you may also be able to take advantage of additional services, such as:

Member Portal

Get 24/7 account access. Check your coverage, deductibles, or claim status, download forms and documents, and learn more about your health plan’s benefits and services—at your convenience.

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