Pharmacy Services

DAKOTACARE Pharmacy Services include the Pharmacy Directory Search for members with pharmacy benefits, Online Prescriptions for your convenience, and the Drug Formulary for members to see what medications are covered.

To find a participating pharmacy near you visit our Pharmacy Directory Search.

Online Prescriptions

It has never been more convenient for DAKOTACARE members to manage and order prescriptions. All members can order prescriptions online any time of the day or night. Plus, mail order benefits are available to any member whose plan has a pharmacy rider. Either online or mail order options will bring prescriptions safely and quickly to a member's door - it is so easy! First time users of this service will need their member information to register online.

Drug Formularies

Find out which medications are covered by DAKOTACARE and their cost ranges by viewing our formularies online.  Please be sure to note the specific Master Contract/Policy you are currently enrolled in or shopping for coverage for to ensure you reference the correct formulary.  If you have any questions regarding your benefits or which formulary applies to you please contact DAKOTACARE Customer Service at (800) 325-5598.

Please refer to the following Drug Formulary if you are a member of a fully insured (employer sponsored) group plan.  (Includes a small group non-ACA Compliant Transitional Extension plan, a fully insured large group plan, a Grandfathered plan, or an ACA-Compliant plan):

DAKOTACARE HMO Group Drug Formulary (With Step Therapy) - DKC-DAS_Drug_Formulary_(Eff_07-01-14)_Non_ACA_Compliant_Plans.pdf DAKOTACARE Group Drug Formulary Effective 10/11/17

Please refer to the following Drug Formulary if you have coverage with a non-ACA Compliant Individual/Transitional Extension Policy (White, Red, Blue, Green, Black Plans):

DAKOTACAREONE Inside Exchange Individual Policyholder Drug Formulary - DakCare_One_0714_sec_v3.pdf DAKOTACAREONE Individual Plan Drug Formulary (Non-ACA Compliant Policy/Transitional Extension Policies) Effective 10/11/17

Medications Requiring Preauthorization

 - DKC_Drug_Preauth_List_(04-21-14).pdf   DAKOTACARE Rx to be Preauthorized
 - DKC_Drug_Preauth_List_(04-21-14).pdf   DAS Rx to be Preauthorized

Please note: Members and providers wishing to only view the formulary may do so by clicking on one of the four links above. However, if you are a member who wishes to have full access to our formulary tools and/or to manage and order prescriptions then register online.

Toll-Free Number

DAKOTACARE has established a new toll-free number for member questions regarding pharmacy benefits, and for physicians and pharmacists to call for questions and preauthorization of applicable drugs. The number is 866-406-8773. Please utilize this number for pharmacy questions only, and direct all other inquiries to the existing customer service numbers: 605-334-4000 or 800-325-5598.

Note: If you are a member of the State of South Dakota Health Plan please visit for pharmacy services available to you. If you are a member of the South Dakota Risk Pool, log on to your member portal for pharmacy services available to you.