DAKOTACARE Provider Search

Providers included in the search below are those considered in-network with the DAKOTACARE/DAS primary network. 

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The goal of the DAKOTACARE online Provider Directory is to provide accurate and up-to-date information as of the date noted. However, there may be changes which have not been updated on this site. It is the member's responsibility to verify that a provider is participating before services are rendered. We encourage you to call the physician's office or facility to verify participation as you schedule an appointment.

All DAKOTACARE providers listed as participating are accepting new patients unless they have informed us otherwise. If so, those providers will be noted here.

DAKOTACARE is not responsible for disallowed or non-covered services, penalties, or other losses resulting from use of the online Provider Directory. For any other questions regarding participation call DAKOTACARE at 800-325-5598.